{lots} denna - look of steel

Round 002

For this challenge, we have screencaps from the Finn/Rachel epicness that was called Journey!

» You may only enter up to 4 icons
» Remember include both of the characters on your icon(s)
» You can only use the pictures provided
» Do not share your icons until after the challenge is over
» Blending and reusing pictures is allowed
» Text, brushes and textures are all encouraged
» Special Categories will be: Best Blending, Best Bright, Best Text and Best Lovey-Dovey
» More extensive info about the rules/how to submit/etc can be found at the profile.

Last day to post icons: Saturday July 3rd @ 8PM GMT
Voting will start: Saturday July 3rd
Winners will be announced: Tuesday July 6th

Submit your entries by commenting with both images and urls. All comments will be screened.

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{lots} denna - look of steel

Round 001 Poll

Thank you for participating, we have 17 lovely icons submitted, so now it's time to vote :D

» Type your top three choices in the text box, SEPARATED BY COMMAS. Remember to put them in the order you like them.
» Please don't vote in a comment and don't vote for your own icons!
» Your first choice will receive 3 points, your second choice will get 2 points and your third choice will get 1 point.
Example: 77, 81, 99 → 77 = 3 points, 81 = 2 points, 99 = 1 point

Special categories - Best Colour, Best Crop, Best Text and Best Texture
Voting ends on Wednesday!

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{lots} denna - look of steel


Since we still only have 8 icons, I'm extending the deadline for 2 days, in case some of you can master some during the weekend.
And remember that if you haven't submitted 4 icons you can always go back and edit your comment/post a new one with more :)

SUBMIT HERE until June 21st 8PM GMT